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UNDP and Civil Society Organizations: A Policy of Engagement

UNDP and Civil Society Organization: A Policy of Engagement (2001) provides set of principles to guide UNDP engagement with CSOs, and highlights policy and programmatic implications. more


UNDP and Energy Access for the Poor

Access to modern energy services for the poor is about energizing human development. It is a priority for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and necessary to ending poverty, empowering women and generating opportunities. UNDP aims to reach the poor with modern energy services that more


UNDP and Energy for Sustainable Development

The brochure provides a brief overview of energy linkages with the MDGs and highlights UNDP's approach to energy, the organization's energy partnerships for sustainable development, energy activities, energy portfolio, and knowledge sharing on energy for sustainable development. more


UNDP and Indigenous Peoples: A Policy of Engagement

This policy note provides an overview of UNDP’s policy and engagement with indigenous peoples based on its mandate from the Charter of the United Nations. This note is the result of a series of consultations with numerous representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations (IPOs) worldwide as well more


UNDP in Action 2010

This report takes stock of achievements made in 2009/2010 and provides momentum for meeting future demands.  In 2009, in many of the countries where it operates, UNDP continued to experience a high demand for development support in its areas of specialization particularly covering poverty more


UNDP in Action 2011

This report takes stock of achievements made in 2010/2011 and provides momentum for meeting future demands. On the ground in 177 countries and territories worldwide, UNDP continues to assist governments in empowering their citizens through projects and programmes that make a difference in people's more


UNDP work on POPs 2013

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) present threats to sustainable human development, with the poorest members of the global community most vulnerable to their negative effects. The publication presents an update of UNDP support to developing countries and countries with economies in transition in more


UNDP’s Local Capacity Strategy

The Strategy presents a vision for how UNDP can approach, prioritize, and integrate its work to create the enabling conditions for effective local action and to greatly speed the scale-up of local-level best practices. It is designed to elucidate and strengthen how UNDP works with and supports more


UNDP's Work in Environment and Sustainable Development

The report presents an overview of UNDP's work on environment and energy and how such efforts are helping to accelerate achievement of the MDGs. It aims to demonstrate the importance of environment and energy across multiple MDGs; share experiences as contribution to the MDG Review Summit; and to more


UNDP's Work on Biodiversity Management

The brochure outlines UNDP's work on biodiversity management through two Signature Programmes: 1) Unleashing the economic potential of Protected Area systems and 2) Mainstreaming biodiversity management objectives into economic sector activities. It further highlights examples of UNDP's more


UNDP, UNEP, World Bank team up on Access to Energy

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank expressed their commitment to strengthen cooperation on energy access, an important advance in the drive for more efficient and more effective support to poverty reduction and more


UNDP-GEF International Waters Programme: Delivering Results

For over 15 years, UNDP-GEF has been providing support to assist over 100 countries in working jointly to identify, prioritize, understand, and address the key transboundary environmental and water resources issues of some of the world's largest and most significant shared waterbodies. This more


UNDP-Taking Stock of Durban

The Durban Climate Conference in December 2011 represented a significant step forward for the United Nations climate change process. Although its outcomes continue to be debated, the Durban Conference could prove to be a game-changing conference for the climate negotiations. This paper evaluates more


UNDP-UNEP PEI Annual Progress Report 2011

The UNDP-UNEP Poverty-Environment Initiative (PEI) is increasingly recognized as a source of knowledge on poverty-environment mainstreaming and as a vehicle to deliver integrated development policies and approaches. This 2011 PEI Annual Progress Report provides a comprehensive overview of progress more


UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative for the Integration of Sound Management of Chemicals into Development Planning

This publication provides an overview and update on the progress of the UNDP-UNEP Partnership Initiative for the Integration of Sound Management of Chemicals into Development Planning Processes. It highlights information on the technical guidance provided through the Initiative; five steps that more


Universal Energy Access Towards 2030: The Role of Multi-lateral Agencies

In response to the UN General Assembly recently adopting a resolution to designate 2012 as International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, the Environment Energy Group hosted an event with speakers from the World Bank, United Nations Foundation and GRATIS to explore opportunities for the more


User's Guide on Assessing Water Governance

Water governance has emerged as one of the most critical areas in the context of sustainable water resources development and services, necessary to respond to global water shortages – a crisis which is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs, but rather a crisis of managing water and more


Utility Provision: Contract Design in the Interest of the Poor

The Policy Research Brief, by UNDP's International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, notes that governments' privatisation of service delivery is fraught with problems. The Brief calls for reforming public utilities and where social objectives are met and efficiency gains are considered, it calls more


Voice and Accountability for Human Development

This note highlights the UNDP global strategy to strengthen civil society and civic engagement. This strategy note aims to revitalize the engagement of UNDP with civil society and its organizations by seeking to bring about a fundamental shift in the relationship, geared towards recognizing the more


Water Adaptation in National Adaptation Programmes for Action

Water Adaptation in National Adaptation Programmes for Action. Freshwater in Climate Adaptation Planning and Climate Adaptation in Freshwater Planning. more

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UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address environmental and energy challenges at global, national and community levels, by seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through projects that help people in developing countries build sustainable livelihoods.

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