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Fact Sheet: Energy, Gender and Sustainable Development

The fact sheet provides a brief overview on how access to better energy services can improve women's social, economic and political status. It notes that greater sensitivity to gender issues increases the effectiveness of energy programmes and policies, as well as other types of developmentmore


The why and how of mainstreaming gender in Sustainable Land Management

As part of UNDP's new series "Gender Mainstreaming: a Key Driver of Development in Environment & Energy," this guide looks at why gender is relevant to policymaking and programming in sustainable land management. It details how UNDP can strengthen the gender dimension of its work inmore


Chemicals Management: The why and how of mainstreaming gender

The publication, part of the Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines Series, provides an approach to mainstreaming gender in chemicals management, together with a discussion of priorities for UNDP support to assist partners with mainstreaming gender considerations at each step of a national process tomore


Gender Mainstreaming: A Key Driver of Development in Environment & Energy

This training manual is developed to help build greater understanding among UNDP staff and partners about the essential gender dimensions involved in ensuring environmental and energy sustainability. It gives an overview of gender issues in environment and energy and how to mainstream gender inmore


MDG Carbon Facility Brochure

To help leverage the potentially significant benefits of carbon finance for the developing world, UNDP established the MDG Carbon Facility, an innovative mechanism for the development and commercialization of emission reduction projects. The brochure outlines the work of the MDG Carbon Facility. more


Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer: 20 Years Success

2007 marks the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer - the international treaty that aims to protect the ozone layer. The publication focuses on UNDP's contribution to the Montreal Protocol process and highlights its ongoing commitment to the importantmore


Mother Earth: Women and sustainable land management

The publication provides practitioners and policy-makers with practical guidance on the mainstreaming of gender considerations in sustainable land management (SLM). It argues that such approaches will not only provide women with a platform to fully engage in development, but will also enhance themore


Second African Drought Risk and Development Forum Report

The Second Forum on African Drought Risk and Development (ADDF2) was held in Nairobi in October 2006. The Forum focused on the Greater Horn of Africa, following a drought that triggered a food crisis in that region. The report outlines key messages and recommendations for practitioners and policymore


Implementing the MDGs in the Drylands of the World

The paper highlights the economic and ecological potential of drylands, as well as the vast information accumulated over the last few decades on their strategic importance to national development and meeting the MDG targets. It advocates for a new strategy for catalyzing and fast-trackingmore


Information Kit: Supporting Country Action on the CBD Programme of Work on PAs

The publication provides information for eligible countries on the application process to receive funding from the GEF to help carry out implementation of the CBD Programme of Work on protected areas. The kit also includes the eligibility criteria, information on evaluation and monitoring, togethermore


Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Pungwe Drainage Basin

This report presents the use a combination of climate and hydrological models to assess the possible consequences of future global warming on the water resources in the Pungwe catchment up until 2050. By generating on information on future trends in water resource availability in the basin themore


The Global Drylands Imperative: Devolving Resource Rights and the MDGs in Africa

The paper analyzes a sample of existing or in-formulation policy frameworks governing access and security of tenure over major natural assets such as land, forests and wildlife. The fundamental question that runs through the analysis in the paper concerns the extent to which security of resourcemore


UNDP-GEF International Waters Programme: Delivering Results

For over 15 years, UNDP-GEF has been providing support to assist over 100 countries in working jointly to identify, prioritize, understand, and address the key transboundary environmental and water resources issues of some of the world's largest and most significant shared waterbodies. Thismore


White Paper for a Regional Policy: Toward Increasing Access to Energy Services

Member States of the ECOWAS Region have decided to engage on an ambitious regional policy in order to increase access to modern energy services. Their objective is to allow at least half of the population to have access to modern energy services by the year 2015. The paper describes this policy andmore


Ad Melkert Speech to the Commission on Sustainable Development

The Under Secretary-General and UNDP Associate Administrator noted the billions who live without access to basic energy services and their resultant entrenchment in poverty. He spoke about the nexus between the achievement of the MDGs and the positive impact of that thrust towards alleviating themore


UNDP, UNEP, World Bank team up on Access to Energy

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank expressed their commitment to strengthen cooperation on energy access, an important advance in the drive for more efficient and more effective support to poverty reduction andmore


Mainstreaming Access to Energy Services - African Regional Economic Communities

The document focuses on integrating access to modern energy services into regional and national policies and policy tools. It presents the experience of three African Regional Economic Councils and concludes that the work in developing a political consensus on access to energy has laid themore


Will Tomorrow Be Brighter than Today?

The report focuses on enhancing equitable access to appropriate, reliable and affordable energy services so as to reduce human and income poverty. In examining the gender dimension of energy access and provisioning, its use and impact, the report highlights the gender concerns in the Asia-Pacificmore


Gender Dimensions of Intellectual Property and Traditional Medicinal Knowledge

The paper outlines the debates on intellectual property (IP) protection vis-à-vis other systems for protecting the communal nature of traditional medicinal plant knowledge. The paper uses a gender lens to understand how IP and trade policies affect disempowered peoples, particularly women and menmore


Water Rights and Wrongs: A summary of the Human Development Report

This booklet on the Human Development Report 2006: Beyond scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis is produced by the young people. The report tackles one of the most challenging and most ignored issues facing the global human family: the availability of clean water and adequatemore

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