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Powerful Synergies: Gender Equality, Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability

Since the Earth Summit twenty years ago, the international community has made historic achievements in advancing human development, including gender equality. But the world continues to face considerable social, economic and environmental challenges, and progress continues to be threatened by more


Practitioner's Guide: Capacity Development for Environmental Sustainability

Capacity development and environmental sustainability are both central to UNDP’s mandate and programming.The purpose of this Practitioner’s Guide is to provide practical guidance to UNDP staff, partner countriesand other development partners on the nature of environmental capacity and how to more


Practitioners and Policy-makers Exchange on Adaptation in Agriculture

The 'Practitioners and Policy makers Exchange on Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture', which was held in Bangkok in 2010, facilitated the transfer of knowledge gained from increasing experience with climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector. The FAQ booklet captures participants’ more


Preparing LECRDS - Executive Summary

This report serves as the Executive Summary to a series of manuals and guidebooks that UNDP is offering in support of Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Development Strategies (LECRDS). It provides a brief outline of the approach and methodologies that these materials treat in detail. more


Preventing Land Degradation, Sustaining Livelihoods

The brochure, part of UNDP/GEF's "Lessons for the future" series, highlights examples of UNDP/GEF activities to combat land degradation in Morocco, the Caucasus, Senegal, Lesotho, Pakistan and Sudan. Approaches covered include empowering traditional pastoralists, conserving arid and more


Privatisation and Renationalisation: What Went Wrong in Bolivia's Water Sector?

The Working Paper, by UNDP's International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth, examines the concentration of access to safe water across income levels in Bolivia. In particular, it focuses on how privatisation has changed coverage, affordability and the concentration of access to water on the part more


Privatization and Renationalization: What went wrong in Bolivia's water sector?

NOTE: This paper is made available for sale on the following website: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305750X12001544 Copyright 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. This paper investigates the impact of water service privatization in Bolivia. It compares the performance of more


Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings

To increase the adoption of energy-efficient investments and behaviors in buildings, public policies are necessary to eliminate barriers that discourage stakeholders from pursuing energy efficiency. The report aims to help policymakers wishing to initiate or develop policies promoting energy more


Promotion of Wind Energy: Lessons Learned from UNDP-GEF Projects

The report provides a review of the active UNDP-GEF wind energy portfolio. It looks at the design, costs and efficiency of existing projects, drawing on the experience of 14 wind energy projects that have been financed through UNDP to help national governments implement wind energy public policies. more


Protected Areas for the 21st Century

The report looks at how changing 21st Century expectations about the roles and functions of protected areas are beginning to shape protected area management around the world and identifies emerging best practices under a new paradigm that views protected areas as part of a planetary life support more


Protecting Biodiversity in Production Landscapes

The report examines the impact of agricultural supply chains on biodiversity and provides recommendations for conservation policies to protect vital ecoystems. The ever increasing world population is placing great strains on biodiversity and the ecosystem services that support the production of more


REDD+ Benefit Sharing: A Comparative Assessment of Three National Policy Approaches

This paper reviews three leading forest sector policy approaches relevant to benefit-sharing for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+): payments for ecosystem services, also known as payments for environmental services (PES), participatory forest management (PFM), and more


Readiness for Climate Finance

This paper presents a framework for understanding what it means to be “ready” to plan for, access, deliver, and monitor climate finance in a transformative way at the national level. The aim is provide policy-makers with an overall lens through which readiness and preparatory activities offered by more


Realising REDD: Implications of Ghana’s Current Legal Framework for Trees

The paper, by the Katoomba Group, provides a brief overview of REDD implications of Ghana’s legal framework for trees and associated benefit‐sharing mechanisms. It notes that the current legislative framework for forestry presents some problems and challenges that could impede implementation of more

Reclaiming the Land, Sustaining Livelihoods - Lessons for the Future 2004

The brochure, part of UNDP/GEF's "Lessons for the Future" series, highlights examples of activities to combat land degradation. It focuses on "cross-cutting projects" that address land degradation but were primarily designed to deal with other environmental problems, and more


Recycling of the Municipal Waste through Biogas Production and Composting

In 1990, a group of sixteen women from Lalitpur, Nepal started collecting waste from the neighboring 50 households. This initiative lead to the establishment of the organization called Women Environment Protection Committee (WEPCO). By 2004, waste collection expanded to 1000 households, wherein more


Reducing Rural Poverty through Increased Access to Energy Services: MPP in Mali

The report reviews experiences of the Multifunctional Platform Project in Mali and documents how modern energy services affect people's lives in terms of income, education, and rural women's status and health. It presents analytical insights into key factors affecting the relationship between more


Reports of demonstration projects on HCFC alternatives

This report was prepared by UNDP based on the results of a project funded by the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol and submitted in October 2010. There is an urgent need to assess potential alternative technologies for replacing HCFC-141b in terms of more


Resource Constraints and Economic Performance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

This report explores the link between resource constraints and economic performance for countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It documents the biocapacity situation of every country in the region, linking it to economic performance and other indicators of financial health. It suggests that more


Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change

Poor women's limited access to resources, restricted rights, limited mobility and muted voices in shaping decisions make them highly vulnerable to climate change. This resource guide aims to inform practitioners and policy makers of the linkages between gender equality and climate change. more

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