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Greening the Charcoal Value Chains of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire – a NAMA approach

Charcoal remains one of the most important sources of fuel in Sub-Saharan Africa including Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. A look through the supply chain highlights the inter-linkages with issues of energy, deforestation, employment and other socio-economic and environmental challenges. The infographicsmore


Tourism Concessions in Protected Natural Areas: Guidelines for Managers

UNDP has a large portfolio of protected area strengthening projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. Many of these projects promote development of a robust protected area tourism concession system and/or individual concessions, as a mechanism for strengthening protected areas, increasingmore


Protecting the Ozone Layer and Reducing Global Warming

The report (in English, French and Spanish) summarizes the impact of UNDP-supported activities to implement the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, notes linkages with global efforts to achieve sustainable development, and charts the way forward. It also summarizes themore


NAMA Study for A Sustainable Charcoal Value Chain In Ghana

MDG Carbon jointly with the Regional Environment Project on the Management of Environmental Services and Financing for Sustainable Development have released a NAMA study,  the third to focus on charcoal (following last year’s study of the sector in Uganda, and this year’s study in Côtemore


Biodiversity for Sustainable Development: Delivering Results for Asia and the Pacific

This book is both a celebration of biodiversity work in the Asia-Pacific region and a cautionary account of what is happening to the ecosystems that support millions of lives and livelihoods in the region.     Innovations in monitoring endangered species, in creating protected areas andmore


Leveraging the Environment for the Sustainable Development of Small Islands Developing States

The ‘Island Innovations’ publication is an effort carried out jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) during the International Year for Small Island Developing States (SIDS).   It showcases some of themore


Integrated Sustainable Rural Development: Renewable Energy Electrification and Rural Productivity Zones

This discussion paper provides stakeholders in beneficiary countries and donor organizations a holistic way of tackling rural energy access and rural poverty by setting up an integrated infrastructure for energy and income generation. The approach presented in the Discussion Paper combinesmore


The Millennium Development Goals Report 2014

This report examines the latest progress towards achieving the MDGs. It reaffirms that the MDGs have made a profound difference in people’s lives. Global poverty has been halved five years ahead of the 2015 timeframe. Ninety per cent of children in developing regions now enjoy primary education,more


Financing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions – providing for support to receiving Governments

This paper for Governments and donors on discusses the conceptualization, design, implementation and operationalization of NAMAs with a focus on rural electrification. The purpose of the paper is to elaborate further on the concept presented at the UNDP-WBI webinar ‘Engaging the Private Sector inmore


Environmental Justice - Comparative Experiences in Legal Empowerment

This report outlines challenges and innovations arising around the world as communities and governments pursue an agenda of justice based on inclusive and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. The paper highlights trends in strategies emerging across regions (Asia-Pacific, Arabmore


Legal Empowerment Strategies at Work

This report examines ten case studies of how development interventions can support access to land rights for marginalized groups, particularly women, and enable poor informal sector workers to better access legal protection and economic empowerment. Drawing on the experiences of poor andmore


Engendering Access to Justice - Grassroots Women’s Approaches to Securing Land rights

This report presents grassroots women’s approaches to access justice with focus on land and property rights in Africa. This community empowerment-based research undertaken by the Huairou Commission and its partner groups across seven African countries – Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,more


UN Oceans Day 2014 Flier

Discover what the UNDP and other UN organisations are doing to protect and preserve the environment. Open attached flier for details. more


MDG Carbon Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) Template

The MDG Carbon NAMA template has been developed for practitioners, activitly involved in the design of NAMA options and provides a guidance for external NAMA experts invovled in MDG Carbon’s NAMA design. more


UNDP Global Programme 2014-2017

The Global Programme supports countries to achieve the eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion.  The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country andmore


Gender and Climate Change - Africa

One of the pressing challenges in addressing the gender dimensions of climate change in developing countries is the need for greater national expertise on gender and climate change and on broader issues of sustainable development. In response to this challenge, UNDP has developed a series of policymore


Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure

This document, prepared for the G20, aims to provide host country governments with guidance on the policy options that are available to make the most of investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure, drawing on the collective expertise of the climate and investment communities amongmore


Green Commodities Programme Brochure

The Green Commodities Programme (GCP) was established by UNDP in 2009 in order to mainstream sustainability in the production and sale of agricultural commodities worldwide. The Programme combines public and private efforts to transform a commodity sector, bringing together the various stakeholdersmore


Green Commodities Facility Brochure

This document introduces the Green Commodities Programme, explains the rationale and need for the Programme, describes its approach and highlights its added value and services.   UNDP is in a unique position to act globally in a locally relevant context in order to advance and harmonizemore


Green Commodities Programme Portfolio

The Green Commodities Programme (GCP) was established by UNDP in 2009 in order to mainstream sustainability in the production and sale of agricultural commodities. The Programme combines public and private sector efforts to transform a commodity sector, bringing together the various stakeholders ofmore

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UNDP Global Programme
2014 to 2017

The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country and regional programme experiences and drawing on the pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise gained by UNDP across all development settings.

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