South-South and Triangular Cooperation UNDP’s Programme Mapping

05 Oct 2015

The Programme Mapping is a forward looking exercise, which aims at delivering an overview and a data base of all on-going and planned South-South and triangular cooperation (SSC and TrC) projects and initiatives UNDP supports through its global, regional and country programmes. 


This brochure presents the findings of where, what, how and with whom UNDP sup-ports SSC and TrC and aims at providing a comprehensive baseline for UNDP’s work on SSC and TrC during UNDP’s Strategic Plan period 2014-17. The findings of this exercise have substantively informed the development of UNDP South-South and triangular cooperation strategy. 


A series of case studies, based on the findings of this exercise, were also developed that discuss approaches that have worked and ones that have not in supporting SSC and TrC towards achieving sustainable development results, as well as opportunities and challenges that UNDP is facing in supporting countries to benefit from SSC and TrC programmes. The case studies will be published and disseminated in 2015.


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