All Democratic Governance Publications

  • Fast Facts: Anti-corruption and Democratic GovernanceFast Facts: Anti-corruption and Democratic GovernanceDec 8, 2011
    Corruption undermines human development by diverting public resources to private gain and reducing access to public services. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals will largely depend on the quality of governance.

  • Fast Facts: Civic engagement and participation of youth in politics and public institutionsFast Facts: Civic engagement and participation of youth in politics and public institutionsMar 28, 2014
    Across the world, youth remain at the margins of the political, social and economic mainstream. Yet, youth engagement and participation is central to achieving sustainable human development.

  • Fast Facts: E-Governance and Access to InformationFast Facts: E-Governance and Access to InformationOct 11, 2011
    The explosive use of mobile technologies in the last five years and better Internet access give us cause to reconsider how we confront traditional development challenges.

  • Fast Facts: Supporting Democratic Transition in TunisiaSep 25, 2011
    UNDP has refocused its work in Tunisia to support key institutions, processes and stakeholders that can have a significant impact in assuring the steady transition to democracy – including support to the constitutional process, political parties, and women’s political participation.

  • Fast Facts: Indigenous PeoplesFast Facts: Indigenous PeoplesSep 22, 2014
    UNDP’s engagement with indigenous peoples is grounded on its overall vision to help countries achieve the simultaneous eradication of poverty and significant reduction of inequalities and exclusion. UNDP’s work on indigenous peoples is guided and shaped by the international human rights standards and principles, and particularly the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  • Fast Facts: Justice and SecurityFast Facts: Justice and SecurityAug 30, 2011
    In the absence of access to justice, people are unable to have their voice heard, exercise their rights, challenge discrimination or hold decision-makers accountable. UNDP promotes effective, responsive, accessible and fair justice systems as a pillar of democratic governance.

  • Fast Facts: Local governanceFast Facts: Local governanceNov 15, 2011
    For poor people to make their voices heard, local institutions of governance are the most important avenue. This is where the poor, women and minorities can participate in governance and influence decisions affecting their lives.

  • Fast Facts: Human Rights and UNDPFast Facts: Human Rights and UNDPNov 28, 2011
    The three pillars of the United Nations are peace and security, human rights, and development, and constitute the founding principles of the UN Charter. In its efforts to advance human development, UNDP supports Member States and partners in grounding their national development plans, policies and processes in the human rights principles of participation, inclusion, equality and non-discrimination.

  • Fast Facts: Parliamentary DevelopmentFast Facts: Parliamentary DevelopmentJul 1, 2011
    Viable democracy and open society depend on effective lawmaking, oversight and representation — the three chief functions of parliaments. Parliaments are pillars of democratic governance, with a critical role in spurring and sustaining national action towards the Millennium Development Goals. They can be powerful agents of change, particularly during and after times of crisis.

  • Fast Facts: Fostering Inclusive ParticipationFast Facts: Fostering Inclusive ParticipationJul 1, 2011
    The genuine participation of all citizens in political processes is a cornerstone of democratic governance. UNDP fosters inclusive participation and civic engagement, placing high priority on under-represented segments of society such as the poor, women, indigenous peoples and minorities. Vibrant and vigorous democracies are developed and sustained through inclusive participation, which also advances achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.