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Annual Report 2001

The UNDP of the 21st Century is now focusing much less on traditional project work.  We have sharply narrowed our primary policy focuses to six thematic practice areas, selected because of developing country demand: poverty reduction, democratic governance, sustainable energy and themore


Anti Corruption for Development Newsletter - Vol 6

The sixth volume of the Anti-Corruption Newsletter highlights some of the major anti-corruption activities carried out by UNDP during the first half of 2011. In  response  to  the  unprecedented  demand for  democratic  and  anti-corruption  reformsmore


Anti Corruption for Development, Issue 2

The second issue of the tri-annual UNDP Anti-corruption Newsletter notes the increased demand for UNDP’s assistance in preventing the leakage of resources by strengthening national capacities, institutions and systems. This volume highlights news, stories, publications and some majormore


Anti-Corruption Guidance Note

The UNDP Framework for Corruption and Development: Anti-Corruption Guidance Note is a collective endeavour of the Democratic Governance and Anti-Corruption Community of Practices within UNDP. It succinctly provide corporate guidance on how UNDP positions itself on anti-corruption. This serves as amore


Anti-Corruption Self-Assessment Tool for Parliamentarians

This self-assessment tool focuses on the role of parliaments in the fight against corruption and more specifically on the implementation of the provisions of Chapter 2 of the UN Convention against Corruption. It comprises a series of questions and checklists, answers to which will serve to identifymore


Anti-Corruption for Development - Volume 3 (January - April 2010)

The 3rd issue of this UNDP anti-corruption newsletter reflects on the increasing demand for anti-corruption support in establishing and strengthening national capacities, institutions and systems. PACDE has become an key vehicle in providing these services; raising global awareness and advocacy;more


Anti-Corruption for Development Newsletter, Vol. 5

This volume of the UNDP anti-corruption newsletter highlights activities carried out from October to December 2010. It covers publications on Anti-Corruption Practices in Education, Water and Health, and Corruption Risks in Climate Change as well as advocacy efforts through workshops, and themore


Anti-corruption Newsletter Vol 7

This seventh volume of the UNDP’s Anti-Corruption Newsletter highlights some of the major anti-corruption trends and activities carried out by UNDP during the first half of 2012. This edition presents UNDP’s shift towards a multi-disciplinary but more integrated approach to anti-corruption inmore


Arab Human Development Report 2009

Arab Human Development Reports (AHDRs) engage institutions and citizens in the Arab countries in global concerns so as to build understanding and consensus around regional and national development priorities. They also identify disadvantaged groups of population and regions and suggest policies,more

Asia Pacific Human Development Report - Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives

Corruption is increasingly being challenged as unacceptable across Asia and the Pacific. This report shows why eliminating corruption that plagues people’s daily lives must become a priority. The police, social services, and environment are areas countries should consider focusing on. Successesmore