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Rethinking the Role of Law and Justice in Africa's Development

Rethinking the Role of Law and Justice in Africa's Development An Edited Volume of Discussion Papers This Edited Volume of five discussion papers highlights the inter-linkages between the law, access to justice and legal empowerment on the one hand and sustainable and inclusive development onmore


Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Eastern and Southern Africa

Drawing on case studies from Botswana, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda, this report outlines several achievements and challenges that affect UNDP’s Rule of Law and Access to Justice focus and approach.   The mapping shows anmore


SADC Regional Development Report 2000

The Regional Human Development Reports serve as an advocacy tool to advance the development of a common approach to the national and regional dimensions of governance in the SADC Bloc. This report examines the state of human development in the SADC region and highlights common governance issues, asmore


Seeing Beyond the State - Grassroots Womens Perspectives on Corruption and Anti-Corruption

Corruption is global phenomenon and a major obstacle to development and economic growth in the global South. Although it affects all social classes and groups, women (and poor women in particular) are among the most affected. In order to better understand corruption from the perspective of women atmore


Sharing the Value of Democratic Governance: Documenting the Inspirational Experiences of the 2013 Business for Peace Honourees

This report, jointly produced by UNDP and the Business for Peace Foundation, provides an in-depth analysis of the leadership qualities of Business for Peace Honourees and the various business models they have exercised in redefining their relationship with society. The report stimulates newmore

Sources for Democratic Governance Indicators

 Through a user-user-friendly overview of internet-accessible governance indicators, this reports provides guidance on the scope, key elements, and dimensions of governance covered by various indicator sources. more


Sri Lanka Country Assessment

This assessment was conducted to identify and document the results and impact of the first phase of the Sri Lanka Equal Access to Justice Project (EA2J) which took place from 2004 to December 2007 and addressed legal empowerment and A2J for the disadvantaged using a human rights-based approach. more


Staying on Track : Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate Change

Maximizing the effectiveness of climate finance must include steps to reduce the potential for corruption, as large influxes of resources coupled with an imperative to spend can create conditions ripe for corruption. This report identifies the corruption risks in relation to two elements of themore


Strengthening Access to Justice and the Rule of Law in Indonesia

This synthesis note presents the main findings of the assessment of the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) project on Strengthening Access to Justice and the Rule of Law in Indonesia, published as part of the DGTTF Lessons Learned Series. more


Study on the Socio-economic Impact of Pre-trial Detention

UNDP in partnership with the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI), Country Offices in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry as well as various Civil Society Organisations and National Human Rights Commissions (NHRCs) has engaged in research on the socio-economic impact of pre-trial detention inmore