GUIDANCE NOTE | Strategies and good practices in promoting gender equality outcomes in parliaments

02 Sep 2016

Identifying good practices in the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment through parliamentary bodies in national legislatures has been an increasing focus of study, as more legislatures have employed different and innovative approaches. This Guidance Note explores the strategies and good practices used by the UNDP in supporting parliaments in their own promotion of gender equality.  This Guide is intended to inform future internal discussions and decision-making by examining the different modalities through which UNDP has been promoting gender equality in its parliamentary development support and providing direct support to legislative bodies to promote gender equality. It aims to assess the strengths and weaknesses of this work. More specifically, the Guide:


- contributes to the body of knowledge on parliamentary structures that promote gender equality;


- captures and analyses existing programming approaches including good practice and lessons learned from UNDP;


-  positions UNDP to better support Country Offices (and their partners) in mainstreaming gender equality throughout parliamentary assistance programs and to share good practices that can be leveraged for future success; and


-  offers recommendations to the UNDP on how to enhance gender responsiveness of their parliamentary development support and thereby increase women’s parliamentary participation.

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