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Empowering Women for Stronger Political Parties

This publication identifies targeted interventions for promoting the stronger presence and influence of women in political parties as well as advancing gender equality issues in party policies and platforms. The lessons learned and common strategies in this Guide are drawn mainly, but notmore


Engaging Parliaments in the Millennium Development Goals

An important resource for parliamentarians who are trying through their daily work to promote the MDGs and give effect to policies and legislation that will help their country to achieve the MDGs, the origins of this publication lie in dialogue that took place between the Secretariat of themore


Fast Facts: Fostering Inclusive Participation

The genuine participation of all citizens in political processes is a cornerstone of democratic governance.  UNDP fosters inclusive participation and civic engagement, placing high priority on under-represented segments of society such as the poor, women, indigenous peoples and minorities.more


Fast Facts: Parliamentary Development

Viable democracy and open society depend on effective lawmaking, oversight and representation — the three chief functions of parliaments. Parliaments are pillars of democratic governance, with a critical role in spurring and sustaining national action towards the Millennium Development Goals. Theymore


Fast Facts: Supporting Democratic Transition in Tunisia

Since the departure of former President Ben Ali in January 2011, Tunisia has been witnessing a dramatic transition to democracy involving a complete overhaul of its political system. UNDP has refocused its work in Tunisia to support key institutions, processes and stakeholders that can have amore