2011 Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) Annual Report

Published on 12 Mar 2012

Document Summary

As the introduction of the report observes, the past year has been one of the busiest for the Oslo Governance Center (OGC) (and for the Democratic Governance Group more generally), not least because of the Arab awakening. Responding to increased demands in various areas, the center:


- organized a number of key events including the Oslo Governance Forum, and the Africa Forum on Civil Society and Governance Assessments;


- continued with assessments of DGTTF projects and generated knowledge products and lessons in that regard; as well as


- coordinated cross-practice initiatives which have been profiled in the report.


All this was made possible through the UNDP Practice Architecture and the collective efforts of colleagues at OGC,  Regional Centres, Country Offices and at headquarters. In 2012, with the leadership of Heba El-Kholy, the Center will build on these strong results and meet the higher expectations of country offices.

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