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16 Sep 2013

Strenthening Voices for Democracy

“On this International Day of Democracy, I call on leaders to hear, respect and respond appropriately to the voices of the people, whether expressed directly or through elected representatives. I call on the world’s citizens to think about how they can use their voice to not only take control of their destiny, but to translate their desires and the desires of others into a better future for all.”

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s message



These are a list of recent publications relevant to this year's theme of International Day of Democracy: Strengthening Voices for Democracy



Youth and Political Participation – The Role of Social Accountability – Aug 2013

This report has been developed to provide a better understanding of the situation of young people and political participation through the perspective of social accountability.

The report concludes with several recommendations on ways to address challenges and opportunities for fostering youth political participation through social accountability in Asia-Pacific.


Promoting Local Election Management as Part of an Electoral Cycle Approach – June 2013

The first ever report to examine the different modalities used by various countries in Asia to administer local elections. It demonstrates the impact of local electoral management practices on the delivery of elections, the provision of electoral assistance and the relationship with an electoral cycle approached.


From Connectivity to Service Delivery: Case Studies in E-Governance - Mar 2013

The programme countries assessed in this report (Albania, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cape Verde and Indonesia) are implementing critical e-governance initiatives that help expand access to basic public services and information, and foster political participation. While many challenges still remain, these programmes have made important inroads in making catalytic use of ICTs to tackle key development national priorities.


Governance and the Post-2015 Development Framework - Feb 2013

As we approach the MDG deadline, development partners must look beyond 2015 and consider the role of democratic governance in continuing to promote development objectives. Against this backdrop, this series of Issue Briefs have been prepared as part of the Global Thematic Consultation on Governance and the Post-2015 Development Agenda.


Enhancing Youth Political Participation throughout the Electoral Cycle - Jan 2013

This Good Practice Guide identifies key entry points for the inclusion of young people in political and electoral processes and compiles good practice examples of mechanisms for youth political empowerment around the globe, focusing on innovative instruments.


Seeing Beyond the State: Grassroots Women's Perspectives on Corruption and Anti-Corruption - 15 Oct 2012

In order to better understand corruption from the perspective of women at the grassroots level, the Huairou Commission undertook a study of 11 communities across eight countries in partnership with UNDP's Global Thematic Programme on Anti-Corruption for Development Effectiveness (PACDE). The objective of the study was to document grassroots women’s perceptions and experiences of corruption in developing countries and bring this to important discourses regarding anti-corruption, gender equality and women’s empowerment.

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