Lexicon of Electoral Terminology

19 Nov 2014

With close to 500 entries, this trilingual (Arabic, English and French) lexicon provides clear and accurate explanations of key concepts and terms in the field of elections.


The Lexicon documents the most widely accepted electoral terms in Arabic accounting for regional language variations in the eight participating countries: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen.


The Lexicon is designed for use by election administration professionals and other stakeholders in the electoral process including members of the national legislative, judiciary and executive branches of government, civil society organizations, observer groups, political parties, the media, universities and any groups with an interest in elections and democracy building.


It seeks to foster a common understanding of electoral terms and allow for their precise and correct use in discussions, negotiations and drafting of documents, including legal texts. The aim is facilitate communication and the exchange of information on electoral issues and practices.

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