GPECS II - Quick Intervention Fund

27 Aug 2015

Rapid Response Mechanism for Women's Participation

The reform processes, stakeholder dialogues and national consultations that accompany peace-processes and the re-organization of the political and institutional set-up during post-war periods, can provide entry points for women’s and youth’s political participation. Therefore, it is necessary to assist national authorities, as well as the civil society during this key period with advisory services, capacity development measures and the provision of experiences from other countries and respective best practices. In order to respond to sudden needs and requests for assistance or kick-off electoral assistance projects, UNDP/GPECS has established the Quick Intervention Fund (QIF) for Women’s Participation in Post-Conflict Settings and Countries in Transitions. The focus of QIF measures is the inclusion of women in the electoral process as voters, candidates and within electoral administration(s).

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