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The Role of UNDP in Supporting Democratic Elections in Africa

Countries throughout Africa and around the globe are working to build democratic institutions and improve electoral processes in order to meet their citizens’ aspirations for democratic governance and advancing human development. Many African countries have made substantial progress in recent more


UNDP Electoral Assistance Implementation Guide

Electoral assistance is about more than supporting an election event. Ideally, such support should be embedded in a democratic governance strategy and provided throughout the ‘electoral cycle’. more


UNDP and Electoral Assistance: 10 Years of Experience

The UNDP Electoral Support Retrospective was initiated in 2001 to prepare a comprehensive set of electoral assistance lessons learned and recommendations for UNDP country offices. The project was also designed to suggest practical strategies for UNDP Resident Representatives / UN Resident more


UNDP's Engagement with Political Parties

This report analyses and summarizes a mapping of UNDP’s engagement with political parties that was conducted in October 2003 and update in May 2005. the information contained in the mapping is indicative rather than exhaustive and reflects the various ways UNDP Country Offices are currently working more