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Note of Guidance on Electoral Assistance

This guidance note provides greater clarity on a number of areas related to Electoral Assistance. It takes into account developments and lessons learned in the field of Electoral Assistance. Its main objective remains to establish clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the DPA and UNDPmore


Promoting Local Election Management as Part of an Electoral Cycle Approach

This is the first ever report to examine the different modalities used by various countries in Asia to administer local elections. It demonstrates the impact of local electoral management practices on the delivery of elections, the provision of electoral assistance and the relationship with anmore


The Longer-Term Impact of UNDP Electoral Assistance: Lessons Learned

The present study on “The Longer Term Impact of UNDP Electoral Assistance: Lessons Learned” consolidates in a systematic manner the lessons learned and the good practices on UNDP’s electoral projects where the organization has been active in this area for over a decade. The study identifiesmore


The Role of UNDP in Supporting Democratic Elections in Africa

Countries throughout Africa and around the globe are working to build democratic institutions and improve electoral processes in order to meet their citizens’ aspirations for democratic governance and advancing human development. Many African countries have made substantial progress in recentmore


UNDP Electoral Assistance Implementation Guide

Electoral assistance is about more than supporting an election event. Ideally, such support should be embedded in a democratic governance strategy and provided throughout the ‘electoral cycle’. more