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Human Development View Point: Show Me the Money, Political Party Financing Disclosure

Political parties are critical to representative democracy and need financing to survive. However in developed and developing countries alike, political parties are suffering a crisis of credibility over financing issues. Money in politics is natural and necessary, but if not properly regulated,more


Human Development View Point: Strong Democracies Need Strong Political Parties

This paper articulates that the strengthening of democratic governance requires more than well-functioning elections, parliaments, an independent judiciary and other institutions and processes. It calls for a strong democratic culture and robust, transparent, internally democratic and accountablemore


Investing in Democracy: A UNDP GPECS Brochure

This brochure highlights the approach, activities and impact of the three-year $50 million UNDP Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support (GPECS) which was launched in 2009. It helps countries improve their electoral laws, processes and institutions; and enhance the participation of women inmore


Media and Elections: A Guide for Electoral Practitioners

This Guide is designed to be a key reference tool for electoral practitioners including electoral management bodies, independent broadcasting authorities and international assistance providers. It aims at improving an understanding of some of the key issues related to media andmore


Note of Guidance on Electoral Assistance

This guidance note provides greater clarity on a number of areas related to Electoral Assistance. It takes into account developments and lessons learned in the field of Electoral Assistance. Its main objective remains to establish clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities of the DPA and UNDPmore