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GPECS Achievements 2009-2013

The report “Global Programme for Electoral Cycle Support (GPECS): Summary of Achievements 2009-2013” highlights how GPECS has become UNDP’s flagship project in the electoral assistance field, contributing both to the formulation and implementation of UN electoral assistance policy, identifyingmore


Getting to the CORE

Produced by the UNDP and IFES, this step-by-step guide to election processes around the world explains what measures need to be in place, from voter registration to ballot-box security, and at what price, before the first ballot is cast. more


Human Development View Point: Inclusive Local Governance, Representation and Affirmative Action

There is need for a balanced approach between the design of representational arrangements and affirmative action measures if equity in political representation is to be achieved in local governance. UNDP believes that equity in political representation can be achieved through active support tomore


Human Development View Point: Nothing Less Than Parity

A key measure of democracy is the status of women as equal citizens with equal access to rights and power. Yet, gender balance, particularly in political representation, has progressed slowly in many developing countries, where institutions are still largely dominated by men. This unequal sharingmore


Human Development View Point: Presidentialism In Decentralized Governance

The modality for electing local leaders is a crucial feature in the of design local governance structures which has a direct impact on local democracy and the management of local affairs for achieving the MDGs. As part of a recent trend, more countries are making the selection of the heads of localmore