‘Critical agents of change’ in the 2030 Agenda: Youth-inclusive governance indicators for national-level monitoring

28 Jan 2016

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be monitored in a way that both captures the experiences and views of youth and includes young people in processes that hold governments to account for these global commitments. The Working Group on Youth-Inclusive Governance Indicators(1) has identified a list of national-level indicators and methods for monitoring Goal 16 Targets 16.6, 16.7 and 16.10 of the SDGs. These targets were chosen for their focus on core aspects of governance – effective, accountable and transparent institutions; responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making; access to information and protection of fundamental freedoms – which if achieved, will enable progress across the sustainable development agenda. Our recommendations contribute to a ‘basket’ of Goal 16 indicators and encourage the use of multiple and diverse data sources, including civil society and citizen-generated data, to monitor progress. The recommendations seek to complement and support global-level review processes and to ensure that national-level monitoring is youth-sensitive, by taking into account the role, position and experiences of children and young people.


(1) Active members of the Working Group on Youth-Inclusive Governance Indicators included: Plan International, Restless Development, UNDP, Children’s Environments Research Group at CUNY, Centre for Children’s Rights at Queen's University Belfast.

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