Practitioners' Guide to Capacity Assessment of Anti-Corruption Agencies

31 Oct 2011
Practioner's Guide to Capacity Assessment of Anti-Corruption Agencies

In order to strengthen the capacity of anti-corruption agencies to more effectively discharge their mandates, it is necessary to first assess their existing capacity. Accordingly, this Practitioners' Guide has been developed to assist national anti-corruption officials, as well as UNDP Country Offices and other development partners, to carry out capacity assessment of anti-corruption agencies.
Cognizant of the variety of cultural, legal and administrative circumstances in which anti-corruption agencies operate, this Practitioners' Guide was designed for flexibility. Part 2 of the Guide provides a range of assessment modules and sample surveys which can be adapted to the specific local context and institutional model. The results from such an adapted capacity assessment provide the basis for developing and implementing a comprehensive capacity development plan, thereby linking analysis with action.
This Practitioners' Guide aims to provide a practical resource to assist anti-corruption agencies to develop and strengthen their capacity and thereby empower them to confidently and effectively promote cleaner, more transparent and accountable governance for all people.

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