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PACDE: Global Programme on Anti Corruption

The 2008-2011 UNDP Global Programme on Anti-Corruption for Development Effectiveness (PACDE) provides support to strengthen national capacities, institutions and systems to better implement anti-corruption initiatives; taking into account demand from countries and expectations of donors and other more


Practioner's Guide to Capacity Assessment of Anti-Corruption Agencies

In order to strengthen the capacity of anti-corruption agencies to more effectively discharge their mandates, it is necessary to first assess their existing capacity. Accordingly, this Practitioners' Guide has been developed to assist national anti-corruption officials, as well as UNDP Country more


Protecting the Public Purse: Anti-Corruption for MDGs

The discourse on MDGs achievements has focused on up-scaling financial resources to developing countries (e.g. increase in ODA; etc.) This brochure examines the data on resource leakages and concludes that some countries may not achieve the MDGs, without concerted action to address bottlenecks such more


Seeing Beyond the State - Grassroots Womens Perspectives on Corruption and Anti-Corruption

Corruption is global phenomenon and a major obstacle to development and economic growth in the global South. Although it affects all social classes and groups, women (and poor women in particular) are among the most affected. In order to better understand corruption from the perspective of women at more


Staying on Track : Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate Change

Maximizing the effectiveness of climate finance must include steps to reduce the potential for corruption, as large influxes of resources coupled with an imperative to spend can create conditions ripe for corruption. This report identifies the corruption risks in relation to two elements of the more