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Anti-Corruption for Development Newsletter, Vol. 5

This volume of the UNDP anti-corruption newsletter highlights activities carried out from October to December 2010. It covers publications on Anti-Corruption Practices in Education, Water and Health, and Corruption Risks in Climate Change as well as advocacy efforts through workshops, and themore


Anti-corruption Newsletter Vol 7

This seventh volume of the UNDP’s Anti-Corruption Newsletter highlights some of the major anti-corruption trends and activities carried out by UNDP during the first half of 2012. This edition presents UNDP’s shift towards a multi-disciplinary but more integrated approach to anti-corruption inmore

Asia Pacific Human Development Report - Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives

Corruption is increasingly being challenged as unacceptable across Asia and the Pacific. This report shows why eliminating corruption that plagues people’s daily lives must become a priority. The police, social services, and environment are areas countries should consider focusing on. Successesmore


Celebrating 2011 International Anti Corruption Day

This report details activities supported by the UNDP Global Programme on Anti-Corruption for Development Effectiveness (PACDE), as part of the 2011 International Anti-Corruption Day global campaign. The theme for the 2011 global campaign, launched jointly by UNDP and the UN Office on Drugs andmore


Corruption and Development: A primer

This primer explores the relationship between corruption and development including economic growth, poverty, human rights, gender, governance, human development, environment and sustainable development. It considers how UNDP could integrate anti-corruption principles and strategies with itsmore