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Access to Information and E-Governance: Publications


From Connectivity to Service Delivery - Case Studies in E-Governance

While developing countries continue to make important gains in accessing new ICTs, the impact of such gains on development agendas and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) remain to be addressed. The predominant view is that access to ICTs remains the core challenge formore


Mobile Technologies and Empowerment: Enhancing human development through participation and innovation

Recent estimates indicate that information and communications technologies (ICTs) could be accessible to everyone by 2015. We are witnessing a new wave of democratization of access to innovative ICT channels, propelled by state-of-the-art technologies and diminishing barriers to entry. The primermore


Supporting Public Service Broadcasting

Informed by a case study on broadcasting restructuring in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this paper highlights some of the key challenges in broadcasting restructuring when trying to meet broader democratic governance and poverty reduction objectives. more


UNDP and Access to Information

This "fast facts" brochure outlines the key points of UNDP's access to information activities - addressing both regional and thematic efforts. Also provided are references, documentation and additional information on the subjects addressed. Links to other useful websites are alsomore


e-Governance and Citizen Paticipation in West Africa

This UNDP / IPAO study aims to provide a better understanding of e-governance practices in West Africa, focusing in particular on citizen participation. It includes an introduction to e-participation challenges in West Africa, case studies of initiatives in this area, and guidelines andmore