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Access to Information and E-Governance: Publications


Communication for Empowerment in Madagascar

 This report presents the findings of the information and communication assessments conducted in three districts in Northern Madagascar: Antsirabe, Moramanga and Tsiroanomandidy.This report was written by staff and consultants from the Andrew Lees Trust with input fromBarry Driscoll of UNDP. more


Communication for Empowerment: Media Strategies for Vulnerable Groups

 This Guidance Note explains Communication for Empowerment and its importance to poverty reduction. It identifies trends in the media, and highlights key opportunities and challenges, including the impact of liberalization and the ongoing struggle many media face in holding onto hard foughtmore


Electronic Governance and Access to Information in Niger

This synthesis note presents the main findings of the assessment of the DGTTF project Electronic Governance and Access to Information for the Modernization of Public Administration and Local Development in Niger, published as part of the DGTTF Lessons Learned Series. more


Fast Facts: E-Governance and Access to Information

The explosive use of mobile technologies in the last five years and better Internet access give us cause to reconsider how we confront traditional development challenges. If five billion people on earth today have access to a mobile device, the issue that needs to be addressed is not the ‘digitalmore


Fast Facts: Fostering Inclusive Participation

The genuine participation of all citizens in political processes is a cornerstone of democratic governance.  UNDP fosters inclusive participation and civic engagement, placing high priority on under-represented segments of society such as the poor, women, indigenous peoples and minorities.more