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Access to Information and E-Governance: Publications

  • Fast Facts: Fostering Inclusive ParticipationJul 1, 2011Fast Facts: Fostering Inclusive ParticipationThe genuine participation of all citizens in political processes is a cornerstone of democratic governance. UNDP fosters inclusive participation and civic engagement, placing high priority on under-represented segments of society such as the poor, women, indigenous peoples and minorities. Vibrant and vigorous democracies are developed and sustained through inclusive participation, which also advances achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

  • Fast Facts: E-Governance and Access to InformationOct 11, 2011Fast Facts: E-Governance and Access to InformationThe explosive use of mobile technologies in the last five years and better Internet access give us cause to reconsider how we confront traditional development challenges.

  • Oct 22, 20142013 Democratic Governance - Year in Review

  • Dec 14, 2011e-Governance and Citizen Paticipation in West Africa

  • Apr 23, 2004UNDP and Access to Information