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Legal Empowerment of the Poor


Envisioning Empowerment

This 'Portfolio of Initiatives for Achieving Inclusion and Development' draws attention to the many legal empowerment projects around the globe promoting inclusion, expanding opportunities and contributing to development. more


Integrating Legal Empowerment of the Poor in UNDP's Work

Adopted by the Legal Empowerment of the Poor (LEP) Project Management Board, this Guidance Note translates LEP into practice by mainstreaming the thematic foci on MDGs’, land governance, informality and the informal economy. It also incorporates lessons learnt from consultations at themore


Making the Law Work for Everyone

VOLUME I   As the Report highlights, the sources of legal exclusion are numerous and very often country-specific. However, four common threads stand out. First, legal empowerment is impossible when poor people are denied access to a well-functioning justice system. Second, most of the world’smore


Resolution: LEP eradication of poverty

Resolution on legal empowerment of the poor and eradication of poverty approved by 2nd Committe of the UN General Assembly on 9 December 2009 more


Secretary-General report on Legal Empowerment and Poverty Eradication (A/64/133)

This report summarizes the emerging approach to legal empowerment of the poor; highlights the operational scope and focus of legal empowerment of the poor; summarizes national and regional experiences and the role of various organizations of the UN system in fostering empowerment of the poor. more

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