Visions of Hope: Seeing Beyond Violence, Looking Toward Development

12 Sep 2012

"Visions of Hope: Seeing Beyond Violence, Looking Towards Development," contains images from the August 2012 lakefront photography exhibition in Geneva, Switizerland, jointly supported by the city of Geneva, Switzerland.


Picturing Visions of Hope


Once the crippling effects of violence have been removed, individuals and communities can take advantage of opportunities for development. The "Vision of Hope" exhibit captured images which depict conflict resolution, rehabilitation of offenders, meditation and reconciliation, transitional justice, victim support, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration initiatives (DDR), reintegration of gang members, community policing, weapons collection and stockpile destruction, demining and ordnance clearing or development activities that are targeting individuals and communities ilving in situations affected by armed conflict or high levels of criminal violence. Most importantly, the images capture the human face of armed violence and voice the stories of victims individuals and communities struggling to survive when development is hindered by violence.