Restoration of Local Governance and Re-establishment of Service Delivery

17 Dec 2013


UNDP is supporting the Government of the Philippines to develop participatory recovery plans and restore the capacities of the local government to enable them to re-establish public service delivery in typhoon-affected regions.


UNDP will also provide the local governments with support and necessary capacities required to carry out the implementation of the critical public service delivery priorities for the affected populations, including provision of water, electricity, sewage and waste management. The delivery of these services will continue to build the trust between the cities/ municipalities and the population.

Project objectives

  • To develop participatory recovery plans that set out the priorities of the communities in order to build their resilience
  • To increase the population’s access to vital basic services
  • To set up local level grievance mechanisms to work towards the peaceful resolution of any conflicts over issues such as land and/or resettlement
  • To restore functionality of local government units to lead and deliver recovery efforts through equipment and infrastructure rehabilitation

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