Livelihoods stabilization and economic recovery through green jobs

17 Dec 2013

UNDP’s programme package is designed to provide an immediate recovery response through a longer-term sustainable development agenda by integrating disaster risk reduction with the promotion of resilient solutions at its core.

Within this context, generating jobs and economic activity that is environmentally sustainable will help diversify the economic base of typhoon-affected regions, while also helping to strengthen resilience of local economic systems to future natural disasters.

Consistent with this approach in a 12 months time frame, the programme specifically aims to catalyze livelihoods and economic recovery through community-based investment in green jobs and sustainable energy for 56,000 people.

Project Objectives

  • Green and sustainable jobs and enterprise recovery through partnerships with local NGO’s, CBO’s and others.
  • Provide start-up kits for immediate livelihoods recovery.

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