Post-disaster recovery and resilience in typhoon-affected areas in the Philippines

17 Dec 2013

Immediate response initiatives

Although the affected communities have already begun their own recovery efforts with the limited resources available, the magnitude of the disaster is so severe that it will take several years for them to recover fully. UNDP is working closely with the Government of the Philippines – at the national, provincial and local government levels – to support these recovery efforts along the following pillars:

I. Support to local governments for managing recovery

II. Livelihood restoration

III. Disaster risk reduction and Environmental Resilience

IV. National-level support to response systems and capacities

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Our recovery programme

Restoration of local governance and re-establishment of service delivery

This project ensures all affected populations have access to basic service delivery and get to participate in and to lead planning in post recovery efforts in the future.
Duration: 2 years
Budget: US$ 5,000,000 View more

Resilient and renewable energy systems for local government centers and designated resettlement sites

Functional renewable energy systems will provide affordable energy to affected service centers and relocated households in the poorest areas.
Duration: 2.5 years
Budget: US$ 4,000,000 View more

Emergency employment: Job creation through debris and solid waste management

The package is designed to provide an immediate recovery response through cash-for-work in debris management and in solid waste management for 104,000 people.
Duration: 1 year
Budget: US$ 21,000,000 View more

Livelihoods stabilization and economic recovery through green jobs

The programme aims to catalyze livelihoods and economic recovery through community-based investment in green jobs and sustainable energy for 56,000 people.
Duration: 1 year
Budget: US$ 21,000,000 View more

Tapping overseas remittances and micro-finance for local recovery

The project will establish a revolving fund to revive local economies by providing microfinance to micro and small enterprises, and enhance financial literacy and business proficiency of target clients.
Duration: 3 years
Budget: US$ 3,000,000 View more

Small grants for recovery of affected communities

The initiative aims to establish or re-establish/restore forest and coastal management programs with local communities and promote sustainable and resilient economic activities in typhoon-affected regions.
Duration: 2.5 years
Budget: US$ 3,859,000 View more

Disaster risk reduction activities

The recovery programme is an opportunity to engage in disaster risk assessments, with a view to building disaster resilience.
Duration: 3 years
Budget: US$ 2,728,500 View more

Overview of the recovery programme. Total budget : US $63,578,500