Guidelines and Lessons for Establishing and Institutionalizing Disaster Loss Databases

05 Dec 2012


This report documents the experiences of the UNDP Regional Programme on Capacity Building for Sustainable Recovery and Risk Reduction (RP) in implementing disaster loss databases using the DesInventar methodology. The Regional Programme has been established in response to the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004,and is managed by the UNDP Regional Centre in Bangkok’s Crisis Prevention and Recovery Team. DesInventar is based on a relational database structure and a disciplined expert assisted structure for data collection and classification that permits the homogeneous capture, analysis and graphic representation of information on disaster occurrences and losses.


The findings from this review of database implementation concludes that disaster loss databases with validated data and inventories are essential for identifying and tracking patterns of disaster risk, and that they are a fundamental requirement for implementing efficient and effective DRR policies and programmes.


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