Call to Action: Disaster risk reduction makes development sustainable

09 Jan 2014


The past two decades have seen some of the worst disasters caused by natural hazards ever recorded. Tropical storms, floods, droughts and earthquakes, to name a few, have caused massive loss of life and property, and set back development achievements across the globe.


Disasters have killed more than a million people, affected 4.4 billion and cost the global economy more than 2 trillion dollars since 1994. With populations exploding and urbanization increasing rapidly, more and more people, often those who live in the poorest countries, are being exposed to natural hazards. At the same time, climate change threatens to push disaster risk perilously out of control, as extreme weather becomes more frequent.


Unless disaster risk reduction is integrated into poverty eradication strategies, the cost of natural hazards and the threat they pose to development will continue to increase.

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