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UN Team of Experts: Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict Annual Report 2013

For years the use of sexual violence in war was a taboo subject that occupied the margins of the international peace and security debate. It was a crime that was dismissed as an unfortunate byproduct of war and the inevitable collateral damage of conflict. In the last 15 years, however, themore



UNDP's Multi-year Results Framework (MYRF) is a tool which measures the performance of crisis prevention and recovery programming on a country by country basis, using a series of indicators to track results and programme impact.       more



The rule of law lies at the centre of the relationship between society and the state. Measures to establish or strengthen the rule of law are the basis for creating accountability among people as well as between citizens and their governments.   Since 2008, UNDP has been a leader inmore


UNDP in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a vital element of an effective humanitarian crisis response as a foundation for building resilience in post-crisis settings. Just as emergency relief activities are crucial to saving lives by responding to the most urgent human needs, integrating an early recovery approach withinmore


UNDP strategy for the Sahel

To tackle the challenges of human development and avoid the threats that the situation in the Sahel places on regional and global security, the United Nations adopted an integrated strategy in June 2013.   UNDP has developed its approach for the Sahel based on the United Nations Integratedmore


UNDP's Resilience-Based Approach to the Regional Syrian Crisis

Almost three years into the armed conflict in Syria, the crisis and its spill-over into neighbouring countries is having a deep and widespread effect on development. The refugee influx, coupled with the dramatic impact of fighting on Syria’s infrastructure and economy, is compromising hard-wonmore



In 2013, conflicts and disasters continued to test UNDP's ability to eradicate poverty and inequality.   This report shows how throughout the year, UNDP continued to help communities prevent crises, as well as to rebuild and recover from them. UNDP was instrumental from the Philippines, wheremore


Understanding Social Conflict in Latin America

The Latin American countries with greatest numbers of conflicts are those with broad social inequalities and governments with limited capacity to manage unrest.   The report titled Understanding Social Conflict in Latin America reveals that social, institutional and cultural tensions in Latinmore



Typhoon Hayian (Yolanda) hit one of the poorest parts of the Philippines, first landing in Guiuan, where 60% of people lived below the poverty line before the super storm. Restoring livelihoods quickly will be critical to stop people falling deeper into poverty. Helping people diversify theirmore


Visions of Hope

"Visions of Hope: Seeing Beyond Violence, Looking Towards Development," contains images from the August 2012 lakefront photography exhibition in Geneva, Switizerland, jointly supported by the city of Geneva, Switzerland.   Picturing Visions of Hope   Once the crippling effectsmore

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Governance,Conflict Prevention and Peace-building Community of Practice Workshop

 In November 2006, the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre (OGC), in collaboration with UNDP Nepal, UNDPBCPR, and International IDEA organized the global workshop on Governance, Conflict Prevention andPeace-building in Kathmandu, Nepal.This report constitutes an overview of the workshop and containsMore


Guidance Note on Assessing the Rule of Law Using Institutional and Context Analysis

The Guidance Note on Assessing the Rule of Law using Institutional and Context Analysis (ICA) takes UNDP’s generic guidance note on ICA and applies it to rule of law programming to help implement UNDP’s Strategic Plan. There are few areas of development which are as defined by the use of power asMore


Guidance Note on Early Recovery CWGER April 2008

This IASC Guidance Note on Early Recovery was written in 2008 as a joint effort by the Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery (CWGER) in cooperation with the UNDG-ECHA Working Group on Transition and aims to provide greater clarity and guidance on what early recovery means and how to undertakeMore


Guide: Livelihoods & Economic Recovery in Crisis Situations

The purpose of the Guide on Livelihoods and Economic Recovery Programming in Crisis and Post-Crisis Situations is to connect UNDP Country Offices and their partners with global knowledge and experience on this subject. The Guide documents, for the first time, the accumulation of expertise that UNDPMore


Guidelines and Lessons for Establishing and Institutionalizing Disaster Loss Databases

This report documents the experiences of the UNDP Regional Programme on Capacity Building for Sustainable Recovery and Risk Reduction (RP) in implementing disaster loss databases using the DesInventar methodology. The Regional Programme has been established in response to the Indian Ocean tsunamiMore

UNDP's Work in Conflict and Disaster-affected Countries: 2012
Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery

Empowering people in the face of disasters and conflicts is no easy task for any nation. Through its crisis prevention and recovery activities, In 2012, UNDP was active in 97 countries, assisting households, communities, and governments to prevent, confront, and respond to conflicts and disasters.

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UNDP's Annual Report
New Partnerships for Development

Our 2013-2014 Annual Report spotlights results from actions across core dimensions of development, from jobs and food security, to well-run elections, to crisis recovery, to the management of finite natural resources.

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