Crisis Prevention and Recovery

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UNDP in Early Recovery

Early recovery is a vital element of an effective humanitarian crisis response as a foundation for building resilience in post-crisis settings. Just as emergency relief activities are crucial to saving lives by responding to the most urgent human needs, integrating an early recovery approach withinmore

Fact Sheet: Global Focal Point for Police, Justice and Corrections

In September 2012, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as the Global Focal Point for the Police, Justice and Corrections Areas in the Rule of Law in Post-conflict and othermore


Guidelines and Lessons for Establishing and Institutionalizing Disaster Loss Databases

This report documents the experiences of the UNDP Regional Programme on Capacity Building for Sustainable Recovery and Risk Reduction (RP) in implementing disaster loss databases using the DesInventar methodology. The Regional Programme has been established in response to the Indian Ocean tsunamimore


Supporting Capacity Development in Conflict and Fragile Contexts

The international development community is converging on a clear consensus that countries in persistently fragile contexts, particularly affected by conflict, present deeply complex challenges with capacity development efforts. These challenges warrant priority focus on the internationalmore


Visions of Hope

"Visions of Hope: Seeing Beyond Violence, Looking Towards Development," contains images from the August 2012 lakefront photography exhibition in Geneva, Switizerland, jointly supported by the city of Geneva, Switzerland.   Picturing Visions of Hope   Once the crippling effectsmore


Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery: BCPR Annual Report 2011

Disasters, violent conflict, and economic and climate-related turbulence continue to claim lives, destroy economies and livelihoods, and undermine development progress for millions of people. Crisis prevention, recovery and reducing the vulnerability of countries to catastrophe are cornerstones ofmore


Putting Resilience at the Heart of Development

Disasters cause human suffering, environmental and economic harm, and set back progress on eliminating poverty. If disaster risk isn’t well managed, the consequences are manifold. Disaster risk reduction is, therefore, an investment worth making by all countries. Every dollar spent reducingmore


Institutional and Legislative support for DRM-UNDP

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report has highlighted governance as a key unresolved issue in both the configuration and the reduction of disaster risk. The need to further strengthen institutional and legislative systems for disaster risk management remains a topical issue, whichmore


Rule of Law Global Programme Annual Report 2011

UNDP’s 2011 Annual Report showcases the results achieved by UNDP’s Global Programme for Strengthening the Rule of Law in Crisis-affected and Fragile Situations in 37 crisis-affected countries.   more


Safer Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction (SC-DRR) in Development

This report presents findings of the final evaluation of the Safer Communities through Disaster Risk Reduction programme. The programme was designed to support the Government of Indonesia develop new approaches and capabilities for disaster management by focusing on risk reduction and not justmore

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Fighting Corruption in Post Conflict & Recovery Situations

Based on empirical research in 5 countries (Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Iraq, Sierra Leone and Timor-Leste), the "Fighting Corruption in Post Conflict and Recovery Situations: Learning from the Past" report explores the dynamics between corruption and post-conflictMore


GLOF Risk Reduction through Community-based Approaches

One of the manifestations of the impact of climate change has emerged in the form of GLOF hazard – glacial lake outburst floods. A new hazard has been added to the lexicon of natural hazards and the frequency of this hazard has shown an increasing trend over the past decades, especially in theMore


Gender Approaches in Conflict and Post-Conflict Situations

This manual was compiled during a seminar held in Rome from 2-6 April 2001. The seminar was organized by the UNDP and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and included participants from variousItalian NGOs and UN agencies directly involved in emergency, crisisresponse and recovery operations. More


Gender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes

The United Nations Gender Guidelines for Mine Action Programmes are intended to help United Nations mine action policy makers and field personnel to incorporate gender perspectives in all relevant mine action initiatives and operations. The development of the guidelines has been informed by theMore


Governance for Peace: Securing the Social Contract

Based upon an extensive stocktaking of UNDP’s experience in crisis affected contexts, Governance for Peace: Securing the Social Contract provides insights on new approaches to governance promotion, analysis and programming adapted to the 21st century challenges of fragility. Relying on interviewsMore

UNDP's Work in Conflict and Disaster-affected Countries: 2012
Preventing Crisis, Enabling Recovery

Empowering people in the face of disasters and conflicts is no easy task for any nation. Through its crisis prevention and recovery activities, In 2013, UNDP was active in 177 countries, assisting households, communities, and governments to prevent, confront, and respond to conflicts and disasters.

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UNDP's Annual Report
New Partnerships for Development

Our 2013-2014 Annual Report spotlights results from actions across core dimensions of development, from jobs and food security, to well-run elections, to crisis recovery, to the management of finite natural resources.

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