UNDP Annual Report 2004: Mobilizing Global Partnerships

Published on 27 May 2004 28 Pages


The year 2003 marked an important milestone for UNDP. For the first time, total resources exceeded US $3 billion, an eloquent testimony of the support and confidence the organization enjoyed from donors and programme countries after four years of rigorous reforms. This report discusses the strong partnerships that were built in the year 2004 as well as UNDP’s efforts to mobilize resources.  Despite a growing number of global challenges, including widespread instability, the new UNDP is emerging as a trusted partner, providing knowledge and mobilizing the global partnerships needed to confront today's most pressing development concerns.


  • Millennium Development Goals: UNDP coordinated UN Country Teams to assist governments in the production of national MDG progress reports, and to convene coalitions of governments, civil society organizations and regional institutions to prepare regional versions.
  • Peace-building: In its approach to peace-building, UNDP emphasized the reduction of small arms—a staple of modern warfare—along with overall disarmament and demobilization.
  • Resources: For the first time in UNDP history, total resources exceeded US$3 billion: an unprecedented figure and eloquent testimony to the support and confidence the new UNDP enjoys from donors and program countries alike.

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