Towards Sustainable Development for All in Africa

31 May 2013

Japan and UNDP at Work on a Rising Continent


Over the years, UNDP has strengthened its partnership with Japan to accelerate sustainable human development in Africa. Our partnership has helped to consolidate peace, advance democratic governance and bolster human security across the continent. TICAD has also helped Africa to develop the capacity to cope with shocks, in close collaboration with Civil Society Organizations and the private sector.

While Africa’s development prospects improve, new challenges have continued to emerge. Our main objectives include ensuring that the benefits of growth are broadly shared, namely through the creation of opportunities for generating income and advancing human development.

To that end, the full potential of women and youth needs to be realized through the creation of decent work and enhancing participation in decision-making. Investments in agriculture and rural areas need to be scaled up as part of our efforts to fight poverty more effectively. Making growth sustainable requires slowing down environmental degradation and increasing the ability of African countries to adapt to climate change.


— From UNDP Administrator Helen Clark's message on TICAD

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