Voice and Accountability for Human Development: A UNDP Global Strategy to Strengthen Civil Society and Civic Engagement

01 Aug 2009

Document Summary

UNDP Corporate Strategy, Voice and Accountability for Human Development (2009) charts a course to revitalize the engagement of UNDP with civil society and its organizations. It seeks to bring about a fundamental shift in the relationship, geared towards recognizing the evolving nature and growing influence of civil society, drawing on its strengths and capacities, and maximizing the potential of civic engagement for development.


Strengthening civic engagement for voice and accountability is linked to a number of key UNDP strategic priorities and ways of working outlined in the organization’s Strategic Plan (2008-11), including: national ownership,  capacity development,  effective aid management,  poverty reduction, gender equality and achievement of MDGs.  To this end, the strategy proposes three priority focus areas for UNDP:

  1. Investing in an enabling environment for civil society to contribute to development
  2. Promoting and scaling up citizen action for participatory governance and development and other priority areas in the UNDP Strategic Plan 
  3. Strengthening civic engagement in multilateralism, particularly in the context of the global financial crisis and other serious threats to MDGs and human development in vulnerable developing countries  

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