Voice, Accountability and Civic Engagement: A Conceptual Overview

01 Aug 2008

Document Summary

Voice, Accountability and Civic Engagement: A Conceptual Overview (2008) lays out recent shifts in the broad intellectual terrain around voice, accountability and civic engagement, with an emphasis on how this relates to the development field, and how it impacts on the positioning of UNDP programming and other activities.


Section II elaborates on the concepts of voice, accountability and civic engagement and examines the linkages between them. It then highlights some key examples where the concepts have been operationalized and used in practice. Section III looks at a select number of reports, studies and evaluations that have produced key lessons learned. Finally, Section IV considers the policy and programme relevance of the voice and accountability concepts for UNDP programming and partnerships and makes recommendations about UNDP’s potential contribution in this area, taking into account the nature of UNDP as an organization, its current engagement and the directions set by the strategic plan.

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