UNDP Country-Level Engagement with Civil Society: A Global Snapshot

01 May 2009

Document Summary

UNDP Country-Level Engagement with Civil Society: A Global Snapshot  (2009) presents a overview of country-level engagement with civil society, and draws on responses from 102 Country Offices (72% of all offices) to a 2008 global survey that asked about present engagement. As such, the snapshot illustrates and explains key features of country-level engagement as it is, rather than as it should be. The paper is indicative rather than exhaustive: it does not necessarily reflect the experience of every UNDP Country Office, nor does it attempt to record the entire history of country level engagement with civil society.


Areas addressed here include findings on:

1)      The volume of partnerships with civil society, in which 102 Country Offices channel over $100m through CSOs for project implementation and service delivery.

2)      The many types of UNDP initiatives to strengthen civil society, through capacity development, legal and regulatory reform, civil society assessments, and networking.

3)      The rich variation of sectoral and issue-based engagement with civil society.

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