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UNDP-GEF International Waters Portfolio

UNDP-GEF facilitating regional and national governance reforms towards sustainable, integrated management of multi-country freshwater and marine systems.  

Investing in Innovative Nature-Based Solutions

Keynote remarks at the Science for Nature and People Partnership “Investing in Innovative Nature-Based Solutions to Achieve SDSs”  

International Conservation Caucus Foundation

Remarks at the International Conservation Caucus Foundation  

Water and ocean governance

3 continents, 3 lakes in danger

There is no shortage of water on the planet. More than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered in the stuff. But 97 percent of this is salty ocean water. The remaining freshwater is mostly found…  

Climate-smart water

Balancing the needs of some people in Sri Lanka, a UNDP project is working to revive the ecological balance that had been achieved in ancient times and ensure climate resilience well into the future.  

One third of the workforce in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in precarious jobs: UN report

A new UNDP report shows that, while some 80 million people have joined the middle class since 2001 (out of a total population of 230 million), low commodity prices and slow growth in the European…  

Delivering Results in Degraded Lands for People and Planet

An overview of UNDP’s support on sustainable land management and rehabilitation to enhance livelihoods, secure food and water, build resilience and increase carbon storage and sequestration.  

Cabo Verde, an island without water

A small island state with limited rainfall and a dry tropical climate, Cabo Verde is familiar with water resource constraints. Climate models predict increasing aridity, shifting rainfall patterns and…  

Water and ocean governance

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