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War and peace ... and nature

Healthy wildlife populations are an incredible asset for both local communities and national economies. Yet this rich, but fragile natural asset is in crisis due to poaching and illegal wildlife…  

Peer learning boosts progress on business and human rights in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region has long been synonymous with economic dynamism. Over the last few decades, the volume of capital and trade flows has ballooned in the region, and hundreds of millions of…  

On the challenge of secure, but open borders

As part of my job, I get to travel across the Europe and Central Asian region and sometimes beyond. But as much as I love experiencing new cultures, traditions, languages or cuisines, unfortunately my…  

Strengthening Legal Frameworks to Combat Wildlife Crime

Report: Africa - Asia Pacific Symposium, Bangkok, 4-5 July 2017 - United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Illicit Trade in Wildlife and Forest Products  

Working together for sustainable palm oil

Heated debates have surrounded the palm oil sector in Indonesia and its access to export markets, including the European Union. The issue is crucial for Indonesia as the world’s largest palm oil…  

Governments and companies from more than 30 countries meet in Panama to commit to advancing gender equality in the workplace

In a global context where women earn, on average, 24 percent less than men for the same work and hold only 22 percent of senior management positions, more than 230 representatives of governments,…  

Pineapples on the path to sustainability

With support from UNDP, Costa Rica has introduced an action plan that fosters partnerships to promote production and trade that is responsible, fair and community-centred.  

Backed by stars, unprecedented UN campaign seeks to mobilise millions to end illegal trade in wildlife

The UN, backed by A-list celebrities from across the globe, today launched an unprecedented campaign against illegal trade in wildlife.  

Building bridges in Afghanistan

The Border Management Northern Afghanistan project has been working for nearly a decade to build the physical and social infrastructure, for a strong and peaceful Afghanistan.  

On World Wildlife Day UN Implores Urgent Action to End Poaching Crisis

New York – As the world marks the third World Wildlife Day under the theme “The future of wildlife is in our hands”, the United Nations announced today plans for a Global Coalition campaign to end the…  

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