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Pathfinder Award Winners 2018

UNDP, IUCN-WCPA and WildArk present the inaugural Pathfinder Award for innovation in nature conservation.  

ABS is Genetic Resources for Sustainable Development

This publication illustrates the impact of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) and national ABS laws/policies on the achievement of the SDGs.  

Ecosystems for peace

Growing fragility of land, water and other ecosystems deepens social vulnerability across the Middle East. Solutions for biodiversity can support crisis prevention and recovery.  

Innovative Finance for Resilient Coasts and Communities

This report was produced through a collaboration between the United Nations Development Programme and The Nature Conservancy, to highlight what is being done, and moreover, what more can be done to…  

Harmonious land

Ranching, extreme rainfall and drought have taken their toll on the Azuero Peninsula. A transformation to silvopastoral systems and sustainable practices strengthens both environment and community  

It's time to take a stand for nature

Wildlife population declined 60% in just over 40 years. It is high time for finance leaders to join the fight to protect nature  

Show me the money

In part 2 we look into innovative financing mechanisms that can be used to direct investment towards sustainable Blue Economy  

UNDP, FINCH, Mars, Nielsen, BBDO launch The Lion’s Share

UNDP founders FINCH and founding partner Mars, Incorporated today launched an innovative and unique initiative to support wildlife conservation and animal welfare across the globe.  

The Economist Group joins The Lion’s Share fund in innovative step

UNDP, FINCH and founding partner Mars, Incorporated announced an innovative partnership with The Economist Group, publisher of The Economist, which will help to transform the lives of animals across…  

Buzzing with life

There are many ways bees help the environment and enrich human life. But did you know these little insects are also powerful partners in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?  

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