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Fighting corruption for global peace, development and security

9 December is the International Anti-Corruption Day, which provides an opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to fight corruption.  

Fighting corruption

Parliament's Role in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

This handbook is designed to help parliamentarians and parliamentary staff members play an effective role in implementing the SDGs.  

Monitoring the implementation of SDG 16 for peaceful, just and inclusive societies

Monitoring SDG16 should drive improvements in governance issues that underpin peaceful, just, and inclusive societies and attainment of the 2030 Agenda.  

UN Development Programme, Australia and Singapore partner to launch a major anti-corruption project

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Government of Australia and the Government of Singapore today officially launched a major four-year anti-corruption initiative, the Anti-Corruption…  

Africa: To get the future we say we want, we’ve got to get rid of corruption

One just needs to look at the newspaper headlines across Africa to see the continent’s struggle with corruption: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, all have seen corruption and bribery rise recently.…  

Building bridges in Afghanistan

The Border Management Northern Afghanistan project has been working for nearly a decade to build the physical and social infrastructure, for a strong and peaceful Afghanistan.  

Global Anti-corruption Initiative (GAIN) - Highlights of key achievements in 2014

2014 marked the introduction of UNDP’s Global Anti-Corruption Initiative (GAIN) (2014-2017). This Annual Report presents results and highlights key areas where GAIN was instrumental in contributing to…  

User's Guide - Measuring Corruption and Anticorruption

This Guide presents a series of existing methodologies, tools and practices that have been used and validated by the anti-corruption community over the last few years, aiming to improve knowledge on…  

On International Anti-Corruption Day: Development vs. corruption

The 9 December International Anti-Corruption Day is probably a day of resolve, of fight against injustice, but also a day to feel good about. Many activists, civil society organizations, and honest…  

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