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Post-hurricane needs assessment kicks off in Dominica

Following the colossal category 5 hurricane that decimated the Caribbean island nation of Dominica on 18 September a UN-wide Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) kicks off today, led by a senior UNDP…  

Development of national evaluation capacities can contribute to eradicating poverty, promoting prosperity and protecting our planet

Country-level evaluation capacities have a key role to play in helping the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), experts said here today at the largest evaluation conference to…  

Multilateral assessment highlights UNDP’s progress in improving organizational effectiveness

UNDP was found to “largely meet the requirements of an effective multilateral organization and is fit for purpose [and] is responsive to the needs and priorities of Member States,” according to the…  

Evaluation of Disability-Inclusive Development at UNDP

This evaluation carried out by the Independent Evaluation Office analyses UNDP’s contribution to disability-inclusive development during the period 2008-2016.  

Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms for South-South Cooperation

This paper reviews monitoring and evaluation practices from institutions involved in South-South cooperation in Brazil in a post-2015 context.  

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