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Financing for Development and 2030 Agenda

Keynote speech at the High-Level Conference on Financing for Development  

Project Cycle Hackers Kit

Provides an overview of the UNDP project management cycle and potential entry points for doing things differently.  

Growing government innovation labs: an insider's guide

The real story of how government innovation labs develop: organic and people-driven,often operating under the radar until safe to emerge.  


How technology is helping India move toward smart service delivery

An innovation being rolled out by India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is making the jobs of thousands of health care workers across the country more efficient and helping to secure the…  

Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

This report shares UNDP’s approach to innovation and showcases over 40 case studies of innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Four trends in development innovation

This week’s High-Level Political Forum in New York will review progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Its theme “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world" makes…  

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires investments in innovation, says a new UNDP report

Innovation and emerging technologies increasingly change how international organizations invest in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, according to a new report launched today by the United…  

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