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Celebrating optimism on Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April since 1970. This international day reminds us about the interdependence between natural ecosystems and human life. It is a celebration of Earth’s biodiversity and…  

Statement at the 97th Meeting of the Development Committee

Statement at the 97th Meeting of the Development Committee  

Grappling with climate change in the kingdom of happiness

For Bhutan, a tiny carbon-neutral country, climate change is not just an environmental problem but a serious challenge to sustainable development.  

Small Businesses - Impact of Disasters and Building Resilience

This study focuses on small businesses and their role in disaster risk reduction and, particularly, in recovery.  

Planning for Paris

Our final destination is clear: we want a world without hunger, a world without inequalities, and a world without fear.  

Development in Eastern Europe

Opening remarks on the Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia  

Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment

Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment: Post-Drought Needs Assessment report, volumes 1-3.  

Bridging humanitarian needs with long-term development in Dominica

On 18 September 2017, Category 5 Hurricane Maria struck Dominica wreaking unimaginable disaster. Thirty-one people died, 33 more remain missing. Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and over 40 percent…  

Regional briefing on NAPs: Caribbean in focus

This regional briefing on National Adaptation Plans for the Caribbean aims to provide a brief overview of the NAP experiences of Caribbean countries.  

Regional Briefing on NAPs: Africa in focus

This briefing aims to provide a brief overview of NAP experiences in African developing countries, highlighting emerging issues, challenges and opportunities.  

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