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UNDP, NGOs target increased action by governments, business on land sector to address climate change

On the first day of the Ministerial Climate Change (MOCA) Summit, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and five not-for-profits launched an initiative calling for concerted action to…  

Promoting Resilience Through Post-Crisis Recovery

The 3rd World Reconstruction Conference (WRC3) June 2017 served as a platform to discuss and identify effective and forward-looking approaches to achieve resilient post-crisis recovery.  

Ascending dragon: Viet Nam embracing climate action

Viet Nam embracing climate action in pursuit of a more sustainable, resilient future.  

Tools of the trade

In a rudimentary health clinic in an overcrowded shantytown is probably not the first place you’d expect to find the most cutting-edge technology or the most inspiring future thinking. But it is…  

Bhutan - grappling with climate change

Grappling with climate change - a conversation with the Secretary of Bhutan's National Environment Commission  

Small Businesses - Impact of Disasters and Building Resilience

This study focuses on small businesses and their role in disaster risk reduction and, particularly, in recovery.  

Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment

Somalia Drought Impact and Needs Assessment: Post-Drought Needs Assessment report, volumes 1-3.  

Regional briefing on NAPs: Caribbean in focus

This regional briefing on National Adaptation Plans for the Caribbean aims to provide a brief overview of the NAP experiences of Caribbean countries.  

Regional Briefing on NAPs: Africa in focus

This briefing aims to provide a brief overview of NAP experiences in African developing countries, highlighting emerging issues, challenges and opportunities.  

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