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UN Day, 24 October 2017

Remarks at Sida Townhall on occasion of UN Day, 24 October 2017  

Opening remarks at the Equator Prize Ceremony

Opening remarks at the Equator Prize Ceremony “Extraordinary challenges, extraordinary solutions: Celebrating 15 communities, and 15 years of the Equator Initiative”  

Sweden pledges an additional $9 million to UNDP for 2016

The Swedish Government has pledged to increase its 2016 core contribution to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), providing an additional $9.4 million, subject to parliamentary approval,…  

New techologies improve municipal services through Albanian "One Stops Shops"

In Albania, local governments are using locally developed open source software to bring "one stop shop" efficiency to citizens.  

Empowering People for Peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

A development project proactively promotes conflict conciliation, positive dialogues, and the prevention of violence in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.  

Sowing knowledge, cultivating resilience in Guatemala

Funded by Sweden, the Joint Programme aims to strengthen rural development by reducing the vulnerability of 56 communities in the areas of community health and habitat, enhancing the productive…  

A new model of water management in El Salvador

A water project in El Salvador aims for water systems to be managed under a system of governance and coordination, ensuring the sustainability and integrity in resource management.  


In 2016, Sweden was UNDP’s 2nd core contributor with USD 71,899,075  

In Bangladesh, radio saves the day

Through capacity building and training, UNDP has helped foster the role of community radio and its role in early warning systems.  

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