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UNDP, Germany, Spain and EU launch EUR 42 million programme at UN Climate Summit to help countries deliver on the Paris Agreement

UNDP, together with the Governments of Germany and Spain, and the European Commission, today launched a new programme to support countries in making progress on their commitments under the Paris…  

A new take on climate change: UN challenge starts in the kitchen

As the Paris Agreement on climate change enters into force this Friday, November 4th, famed chefs Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca are joining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDG…  

A new model of water management in El Salvador

A water project in El Salvador aims for water systems to be managed under a system of governance and coordination, ensuring the sustainability and integrity in resource management.  

The chicken or the egg? Young entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan say both

A joint UNDP-UNEP initiative supports efforts to integrate poverty-environment strategies into national and local planning processes through financial and technical assistance and capacity…  

UNDP steps up its support for sound public finance in Africa

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will train a diverse range of partners during the second phase of a comprehensive programme designed to mobilize tax revenues and improve budget…  

Timor-Leste breaks down barriers to justice for victims of domestic violence

A study from the country's Justice System Programme recommends ways to link traditional and formal justice to create better access to justice for all.  

In Egypt, small farmers embrace the entrepreneurial spirit

A joint UN programme offers farmers strategic guidance to match their production plans with existing demand.  

In Colombia, moving from tragedy to development

In Colombia, internally displaced persons are being relocated to communities where new schools, organizations, and health care are helping them resettle.  

Helping the victims of Colombia's conflict

UNDP’s Transitional Justice Programme is helping Colombia come to terms with its violent past, as well as to seek justice for the victims of South America’s longest running civil war.  

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