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World Tsunami Awareness Day

Remarks at World Tsunami Awareness Day Reception  

Waves of action

Over-fishing, pollution, the loss of habitat, the invasion of exotic species, and ocean acidification are endangering our oceans' health. The cost is at once economic, social and environmental.  

In Viet Nam women and ethnic minorities take ownership to escape poverty

Community agreement and ownership of poverty reduction projects help empower women and ethnic minorities in Viet Nam.  

Ethnic minorities escape poverty in Viet Nam

Nearly 7,000 ethnic people in poor and remote areas recovered and developed their traditional livelihoods.  

Viet Nam

In 2014, Vietnam contributed with 29,000 USD to UNDP’s core budget.  

How abnormal is normal?

Women zip through the streets, carrying kids and groceries on their motorbikes. It’s a common rush-hour scene on the streets of Viet Nam, where after-work routines for many women involve picking up…  

How will the world we shape affect their lives?

Can an 18-year-old living in one of the world’s most remote places have a say in how the world is shaped? I met Sung Thi My during a field visit to the mountainous province of Yen Bai, where we were…  

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