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Tools of the trade

In a rudimentary health clinic in an overcrowded shantytown is probably not the first place you’d expect to find the most cutting-edge technology or the most inspiring future thinking. But it is…  

World Tsunami Awareness Day

Remarks at World Tsunami Awareness Day Reception  

Drones for social good

The Maldives, lowest lying country in the world formed by a chain of 1,200 island, is home to nearly 400.000 people. It also faces the threat of extinction due to climate change. To mitigate risks,…  

Waves of action

Over-fishing, pollution, the loss of habitat, the invasion of exotic species, and ocean acidification are endangering our oceans' health. The cost is at once economic, social and environmental.  

Drones join the fight against climate change risks in the Maldives

I love drones. I have one that I fly when I want to de-stress. Little did I know when I bought it that I could actually play with it at work! It all started about a year ago. As senior advisor on…  

Helen Clark: Speech on “Small Islands Developing States: Meeting the Challenges of Financing Post-2015”

At UNDP-UNDESA Side Event at Third International Conference on Financing for Development. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  

Collecting rainwater to address shortage of drinking water in the Maldives

Years of population growth, ineffective sewage systems, and encroaching salt water have made groundwater unsafe to use in the Maldives.  

Protecting (scarce) fresh water in the Maldives

Water is a big deal in the Maldives. The archipelago nation of 300,000 people is more water than land. But while abundant in ocean resources, the only freshwater is rainwater that is harvested in…  

Small Island Developing States agree to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

The declaration, adopted just weeks before ‘Rio+20’, includes an annex with voluntary commitments of 20 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to take actions toward providing universal access to…  

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